The Future

Everyone is asking me about the slate that I am running with, my slate is the AMO membership. I look forward to working with every member of the AMO on all aspects of contracts. Everyone in the AMO brings value to the union, even the guys I am running against. I have spent 24 years listening to Officials, Members, Instructors and Employees at the AMO and STAR center and they all helped get me where I am today. 

Every member in the AMO knows what they expect in their elected officials. Some of the below members have reached out to me to help work on future contracts. Others I have watched for many years and look forward to working with them.

I look forward to working with Paul Doell when he is reelected as president. Paul has done a great job in Washington DC over the years working with U.S. Government elected officials on maritime affairs. In the last four years Paul has done a tremendous amount of work getting the union finances back in order. Paul is making all AMO officials accountable for their actions and expense reports. He understands that the AMO Members are paying the way. Having Paul will be a major asset to future contracts at AMO. 

Andrew Nelson for National Sectary Treasure and Joseph Stropole for National Vice President are the best there is. They have dedicated their careers to promoting the union and the membership. They have spent many hours working and training the next generation of AMO Officers and looking out for the AMO Membership.

Drew Nelson has worked at AMO STAR Center teaching Engineering. His work on course development and Gas Turbine Training in addition to being  Chief Engineer, this speaks highly of his character. Joe Stropole is one of the best shipmates there is within the AMO, he cares about his guys and every aspect of the industry. He is well spoken and well written on Maritime Affairs. As a Chief Engineer, Joe understands the workload on salary and 56 hour work week contracts. Their Facebook sites have relevant information and are worth a look.

One of the strongest fighters in the AMO who goes all out 100% all the time is John Clemons on the Great Lakes. John brings tons of value to the AMO and the Great Lakes. John fights for every sailor on the Great Lakes and understands the issues from all sides. I have watched John in action at executive board meetings. He understands what the operating company needs are and the sailing members needs are to make it all work. John will not back down from fellow AMO Officials and brings his point across clearly and direct to the Membership, Executive Board and Trustees.

When it comes to sitting down and listening to the AMO membership and really paying attention to the membership and what they have to say. Joe Gremelsbacker and Danny Robichaux wrote the book. I have worked with and watched these guys for many years, I could never say enough about them.